Jean-luc Dubois

Scientific Director chez Arkema


Scientific Director
10,001+ employees; Public Company; Chemicals
January 2005 - Present

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Patents (126)

Lesquerella seed products and method and device for producing same
Jean Luc Dubois, Antoine Piccirilli, Julien Magne
December 29, 2015: 09220287

Process for preparing amino acids or esters comprising a metathesis step
Jean Luc Couturier, Jean Luc Dubois
December 29, 2015: 09221745

Method for producing bioresourced propionic acid from glycerol
Jean Luc Dubois
December 8, 2015: 09206110

Plate-type reactor with in-situ injection
Jean Luc Dubois
December 8, 2015: 09205403

Method for preparing fluorinated olefin compounds
Jean Luc Dubois
November 17, 2015: 09187387

Catalyst and process for preparing acrolein and/or acrylic acid by dehydration reaction of glycerin
Yasuhiro Magatani, Kimito Okumura, Jean Luc Dubois, Jean Francois Devaux
October 20, 2015: 09162954

Process of reactive trituration directly on an oil cake
Jean Luc Dubois, Antoine Piccirilli
September 1, 2015: 09120996

Process for preparing saturated amino acids or saturated amino esters comprising a metathesis step (1 worldwide citation)
Jean Luc Couturier, Jean Luc Dubois, Xiaowei Miao, Cedric Fischmeister, Christian Bruneau, Pierre Dixneuf
August 4, 2015: 09096490

Method for cleaving unsaturated fatty chains
Markus Brandhorst, Jean Luc Dubois
May 19, 2015: 09035079