Anubhav Saxena

Program Leader at GE


Program Leader
General Electric
10,001+ employees; Public Company; Financial Services
January 2007 - Present

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS ? Enabled Seamless integration with different cultures and geographies across the world (US, Germany, Italy, Japan, China) and effectively guided technologists for accelerated proprietary technology development and creation of a competitive advantage. ? Led R&D activities for 10 direct reports in silicone synthesis and product development. Also managed indirectly the cross-functional teams (analytical, IP, manufacturing, sourcing, regulatory, finance etc) ? Created enhanced focus on broader, bigger programs driven by global customer needs. ? Enabled commercialization of 3 patented technologies for global and Indian markets. ? Intellectual property: Led efforts on pilot studies for identifying new opportunities for business; FTP and patentability analysis; competitive monitoring ? Managed portfolio to bring focus in driving the most important and biggest impact programs by monitoring deliverables, milestones, timelines and guided team to identify potential risks. ? Designed and executed organization initiatives for building capabilities and driving innovation culture by engaging and motivating team ? Established strategic relationships with key Universities and external partners across India for tapping talent pool and collaborative projects.

Lead Scientist
October 2006 - December 2007

o Progressed to Lead scientist through increased responsibilities that included technical mentorship, R & D planning, identifying new mega trends and resolved critical product development. o Proactively drove an Expert Forum (16 member team of diverse expertise) to develop out of box ideas for establishing future pipelines for business and demonstrate via proof-of-concept.

Research Scientist
October 2004 - September 2006

o Designed and synthesized new silicone monomers for thermoplastics; polymerization of hard and soft block copolymers; development of new applications and structure-property relationships

Post-doc fellow
Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Educational Institution; Higher Education
October 2002 - September 2004

Key words: polymer chemistry, silicon chemistry, weak non-covalent interactions, sensor, conformational behavior, nano-technology


Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Synthetic polymer chemistry (Silicon polymers)
1998 - 2002

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Modern Methods of Chemical Analysis
1997 - 1998

Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
Organic Chemistry
1995 - 1997

Indian Institute of Technology

Patents (9)

Free radical polymerizable compositions comprising ionic silicones
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Curable compositions of ionic silicones
Anubhav Saxena, Srividhya Marimuthu, Pranav Ramchandra Joshi, Alok Sarkar
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Process for the manufacture of silicone ionomer
Anubhav Saxena, Alok Sarkar
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Hydrophilic silicone monomers, process for their preparation and thin films containing the same
Kendall Louis Guyer, Kenrick Martin Lewis, Sentihilkumar Umapathy, Anubhav Saxena, Yi Feng Wang
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Silicone compositions and methods for preparing them
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