Benoit Sevigny

Senior Graphics Engineer at Apple, Inc.
Computer Software


Senior Graphics Engineer
Apple Inc.
Public Company; Computer Hardware
November 2004 - Present

Chief Mad Scientist
Kaydara, Inc. (now Autodesk, Inc.)
Computer Software
March 1997 - October 2004

- design/implementation of audio support for FiLMBOX (playback/capture/scrubbing) - design/implementation of a chirp-Z transform algorithm and Award winning VoiceReality (real-time voice recognition for automatic facial animation) - port of Kaydara's real-time core to the NY Hayden Planetarium supercomputer (28-processor SGI Reality Center) - design/implementation of mathematical, I/O and multithreading frameworks (vector/matrix/quaternions, asynchronous I/O and lock-free concurrent data-structures for Intel/PPC/MIPS/Alpha) - design/implementation of a portable OpenGL extension mgmt system - design/implementation of a real-time video processing pipeline for MotionBuilder (Chroma-Keying and Color Correction on GPU(s)) - design and implementation of a portable SIMD framework for SSE/Altivec/Emotion Engine (PlayStation 2) - design/implementation of a real-time collision detection system for 3D geometry and cloth simulation - vectorization and SIMD port of HumanIK (inverse kinematics for game engines)

Lead Engineer
1001-5000 employees; Public Company; Computer Software
January 1994 - March 1997

- port of the GNU compiler collection (gcc) to the IBM Power Visualization System (32-way i860 PVS) - design and implementation of real-time audio resampling for FLAME and FLINT 4.0 - design and implementation of INFERNO/FLAME/FLINT persistent object library for uncommited editing - design and implementation of a digital signal processing library (including FFT(s) and fast wavelet transforms) - design and implementation of INFERNO 1.0/FLAME 4.0 motion tracker (known as the Stabilizer) - design and implementation of patented Film Grain Management for RIOT and INFERNO (grain analyser, regrain and degrain) - design and implementation of Academy Award winning INFERNO 2.0/FLAME 5.0 motion tracker

Lead Programmer
Sipro Lab (now VoiceAge, Inc.)
1-10 employees; Privately Held; Telecommunications
September 1989 - January 1994

- design and implementation of a real-time embedded operating system for a digital circuit troubleshooting unit (including full assembly implementation of the C standard library, floating-point emulation and graphics subsystem) - design of a real-time spectral analyser and digital voltmeter using Zoomed Fast Fourier Transforms


Universit de Montral - Ecole polytechnique de Montral
Computer/Physical Engineering
1988 - 1993

Patents (5)

Audio view using 3-dimensional plot (16 worldwide citation)
Benoit Sevigny
February 1, 2011: 07880748

Image processing (8 worldwide citation)
Benoit Sevigny
August 1, 2006: 07084879

Image processing (12 worldwide citation)
Benoit Sevigny
July 25, 2006: 07081898

Processing image data (1 worldwide citation)
Benoit Sevigny
April 18, 2000: 06052109

Processing image data (6 worldwide citation)
Benoit Sevigny
July 28, 1998: 05786824

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