Qi Tian

Engineer, Scientist, Professor


Quantitative Image Processing Group, SBIC; Institute for Infocomm Research
October 2011 - Present

Principal Scientist, Dept. of Computer vision and image understanding
Institute for Infocomm Research
201-500 employees; Government Agency; Research
August 2006 - May 2011

Adjunct Associate Professor, Dept of ECE
National University of Singapore
Educational Institution; Higher Education
June 2006 - May 2007

Adjunct Associate Professor, School of EEE
Nanyang Technological University
Educational Institution; Higher Education
May 2004 - April 2009

Principal Scientist, Co-Director of Post-Graduate Student Program
Institute for Information Research
Nonprofit; Research
April 2003 - June 2005

Adjunt Professor, School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science
Peking University
Educational Institution; Research
May 2002 - April 2005

Principal Scientist, Program Director
Kent Ridge Digital Labs, National University of Singapore
May 1998 - January 2002

Research Scientist
National University of Singapore
Educational Institution; Higher Education
1992 - 1996

Led the development and deployment of the first container number recognition system in the world, a project jointly with the PSA, Singapore, used for automatic processing of millions container in PSA's operations in Singapore. The system won many international awards.

Director of Computer Center, Computer Vision Lab, Professor
Taiyuan University of Technology
Higher Education
April 1987 - September 1990

Established the computer center for the University with the first installation of super mini computer, VAX785, and the digital image system Vicom in China. Offered courses for post-graduate students and supervised their research.

Lecturer, Dept of Electronical Enginering
Taiyuan University of Technology
Higher Education
May 1975 - August 1978

Research projects on RF broadcasting station systems, remote monitoring of earth quake signals


University of California, San Diego
Electrical & Computer Engineering
1984 - 1986

Activities and Societies: Studied statistical patten recognition algorithms and systems based on optical & computer systems for automatic target object classification.

University of South Carolina-Columbia
Electrical and Computer Engineering
1981 - 1984

Activities and Societies: Studied sub-pixel image registration algorithms and their applications in non-destructive testing for aerospace apparatus. A paper was published in CVGIP1986, Algorithms for subpixel registration, received over 200 citations.

Tsinghua University
Digital Image Processing
1978 - 1981

Activities and Societies: Studied digital image processing algorithms and systems, participated in the development of the first digital image processing system in China, controlled by an INTEL microprocessor 8085, with an image memory buffer of 64KBytes.

Tsinghua University, China
Digital Communication
1961 - 1967

Activities and Societies: Information theory, Digital communication systems

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