Ulrich Klostermann

Corporate Application Engineer (CAE) at Synopsys


Corporate Application Engineer (CAE)
Synopsys Inc. (US)
Public Company; Broadcast Media
February 2008 - Present

Responsible for European Customer support on lithography simulation tools (Solid-C, S-Litho for optical, immersion, ebeam and EUV litho)

Lead Engineer
Qimonda Dresden
Public Company; Semiconductors
August 2006 - January 2008

Coordination of all MRAM activities; IP portfolio assessments; Evaluation of emerging non-volatile memory technologies, Next Generation MRAM (e.g. spin torque MRAM, thermal select MRAM), publications on international top-notch conferences (IEDM)

Senior Engineer
Altis Semiconductor
2003 - 2006

delegate of Qimonda AG /Infineon

Research Scientist & Process Development
Qimonda AG (Infineon) / IBM Alliance, New York, US
2001 - 2003

PhD Student
Siemens CT, Erlangen, Germany
1998 - 2001


Universitt Regensburg
1998 - 2001

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Physics, Computer Simulation
1995 - 1996

Universitt Regensburg
1992 - 1995

Patents (34)

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March 4, 2014: 08665629

Integrated circuit (6 worldwide citation)
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November 22, 2011: 08063394

Magnetoresistive memory cell (1 worldwide citation)
Rok Dittrich, Ulrich Klostermann
March 8, 2011: 07903452

Integrated circuit, memory module, and method of manufacturing an integrated circuit (6 worldwide citation)
Manfred Ruehrig, Ulrich Klostermann, Michael Vieth
February 22, 2011: 07893511

Magnetoresistive sensor with tunnel barrier and method (2 worldwide citation)
Franz Kreupl, Ulrich Klostermann
January 4, 2011: 07863700