Yingya ZHOU

Master Student Researcher at ABB
Oil & Energy


Master Student Researcher

October 2014 - Present

Data mining, Cost Effective Monitoring and Diagnostics of Wind Farms

Chief Analyst
Chinese Association for Renewable Energy in Germany e.V.

May 2014 - Present

Leading an investigation team working on Development of distributed energy systems, renewable energy and CHP in Germany Overview of the electricity pricing model in Germany Data analysis of the influence of Feed-in-Tariff on electricity price in Germany Technology transfer to China

Project Management Intern

April 2014 - August 2014

Supporting the Project Manager Creating strategy drafts, presentations Controlling and making financial evaluation Supporting data maintenance and development of the project management tools

Project Management intern
Shanghai Electric Group

January 2013 - February 2013

Aquiring in practice the knowledge of : Cooperation and management in gas turbine engineering project Format and content of official agreement between enterprises in English.

Assistant in Department of Technology
China International Water & Electric Corp.

July 2012 - August 2012

EPC Bidding documents writing Contract negotiation

Visiting Undergraduate Researcher
Stanford University

June 2011 - August 2011

Shock tube ignition delay time measurement for new fuel

Local Committee member at Incoming Exchange Tsinghua

February 2009 - June 2009

Fostering partnerships with various companies in education sector in providing AIESEC trainees avenues or internships Communication before, during and after the internships on legal and financial issues between traniees and host companies Assuring the continuity of relationships between exchange partners Fostering support with foreign embassies, foundations and organizations


Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen
Production systems engineering
2013 - 2016

Activities and Societies: Group leader RWTH-Tsinghua Double Master Program 13/14

Focus on Production management and Project management

Tsinghua University
Energy Management and Systems Technology
2013 - 2016

Focus on Distributed energy system and regenerative energy

Tsinghua University
Thermal Engineering
2008 - 2012

Activities and Societies: AIESEC Univerdsity Etiquette Team "Spark 4" Tsinghua High-tech Student Cultivation Program “Firewood 3” Tsinghua Volunteer Leadership Cultivation Program Ballom dance

Research area: New Application Design of Bladeless Turbine; Solar Thermal Power Generation System; Distributed Energy Systems; 3 patents applied.

Shanghai Qibao High School
2005 - 2008

Interested in developing wireless power charger but failed for lack of expertise; Over 30 patents applied.

Patents (40)

Solar thermal generating system based on boundary layer turbine
Shi Yixiang, Cai Ningsheng, Li Wenying, Zhou Yingya
September 21, 2011: 201110140100

Short time emergency lamp
Gao Jun, Zhou Yingya
April 28, 2010: 200710044940

Detector for testing eyesight of human body
Gao Jun, Zhou Yingya
March 4, 2009: 200710045415

Detector for testing eyesight of human body and color blindness
Gao Jun, Zhou Yingya
March 4, 2009: 200710045416

Battery-operated toy
Gao Jun, Zhou Yingya
February 25, 2009: 200710045266

Solar illumination apparatus
Gao Jun, Zhou Yingya
February 18, 2009: 200710044990

Gao Jun, Zhou Yingya
February 18, 2009: 200710044991

Door handle control lamp switch
Gao Jun, Zhou Yingya
February 18, 2009: 200710044939

Novel illumination device
Gao Jun, Zhou Yingya
February 18, 2009: 200710044942

Household acoustic control lamp used at night
Gao Jun, Zhou Yingya
February 18, 2009: 200710044941