Brian Goodall

Vice President at Valicor Renewables, LLC (formerly SRS Energy, LLC)
Oil & Energy


Vice President
Valicor Renewables (formerly SRS Energy, LLC)
51-200 employees; Privately Held; Renewables & Environment
March 2011 - Present

Since beginning the Algae Extraction Program in 2007, Valicor Renewables (formerly SRS) has established new techniques for the fractionation of algae, providing for the highest recovery of lipids for biofuel production, while presenting protein and carbohydrate fractions in separate co-product streams ready for further processing into feed or other biofuels. The development of the patent pending Algafrac technology platforms have provided for a commercially scalable process which extract polar and non-polar lipids, whether contained in the algae vacuoles or membrane bound. Platforms have been developed for both purely fuel applications as well as for high value products in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and other specialty sectors. In our opinion there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for extracting oil from microalgae. In large part the technology is dictated by the product slate sought from a given algae strain. At Valicor Renewables we have developed platforms that allow us to extract and fractionate algae oils to deliver commercial value regardless of the algae strain and the products desired. However the technology and unit operations will be very different in the case of a high value pharmaceutical or nutraceutical, than in the case of a pure biofuels play. Additionally the fractionation approaches chosen will be impacted by the end products including the fate and value of the residual solids after extraction. Our first commercial partnership is in the EPA Omega-3 market segment: Valicor leverages over 15 years of custom separations development, and implementation and operation of systems at over 2000 client sites to provide the algae biofuels industry an array of services which will help monetize their algae growth and fuel production strategies.

Chief Technology Officer
Origin Oil, Inc.
Oil & Energy
June 2010 - March 2011

Oil & Energy
March 2010 - June 2010

In depth studies of all aspects of omega-3 (PUFA) technology, especially as it pertains to the algae sector: Technical (biology, algae strain selection, chemistry, environmental/geography, extraction, stabilization, regulartory) and business (market size, sectors, US and global). PBR technology, development of new low-cost high-performing, high-endurance materials and plastic components for photobioreactors.

Vice President, Downstream Technology
Sapphire Energy, Inc.
Oil & Energy
May 2008 - March 2010

Funding!! Algaeus Green Jet Fuel First algae flight!

Vice President of Technology Development
Imperium Renewables Inc.
Privately Held; Oil & Energy
April 2007 - May 2008

Responsible for all aspects of R&D and technology development including oil seed crops and development, alternative feedstocks, heterogeneous esterification and trans-esterification catalysis, glycerol utilization and derivatization, biojet fuels (including the first biojet fuel used on a commercial jet, February 2008) and next generation technologies. Collaborated with Prof. Norman Lewis, WSU in winning major USDA/DOE award.

Senior Fellow, Chief Scientist and Program Manager
Rohm and Haas / England
Public Company; Chemicals
April 2002 - April 2007

Built a team that together has developed the first catalyst family and, related technology, that can copolymerize olefins and acrylates to high MW, linear, random copolymers of ethylene with low levels of acrylates. Prepared a winning NIST ATP proposal that has partially supported this initiative. Initiated and co-authored three successfully funded NSF GOALI proposals and led the resulting industry-academic collaborative R&D.$2+million+award.(Industry+News)-a0120134239

Senior Research Fellow and Director of New Technology
Albemarle Catalysts Company
1001-5000 employees; Public Company; Chemicals
June 1999 - March 2002

Launched a new high throughput screening initiative. Developed a new family of stoichiometric, thermally-stable activators. Prepared a winning NIST ATP proposal that partially supported this program.

Senior Research Fellow and Director of Chemical Sciences Department
B.F. Goodrich Company
Public Company; Aviation & Aerospace
July 1988 - June 1999

Discovered and developed the catalyst and polymer technology (around 30 patents) that now forms Promerus ( Prepared a winning NIST ATP proposal (joint BFGoodrich/3M) that supported this project in the first 5 years. Identified the commercial applications (e.g. photoresists, low-k dielectric materials, films etc), built partnerships and led the way to commercialization. Promerus is now owned by Sumitomo-Bakelite. Read about the history and technology developed on the Promerus website (link above).

Staff Scientist
10,001+ employees; Public Company; Oil & Energy
January 1976 - July 1988

Most important commercial success was the invention and commercialization of SHAC (Super High Activity Catalyst) for propylene polymerization. This was the first commercial MgCl2 supported catalyst for PP, was commercialized in 1981 and accounts for roughly 40% of today's global PP production (largely in the Unipol PP process). Patents go back to the late 1970's and other key contributors in the development include my firends Bob Job, Peter Kilty, Wade Callendar and Bob Nielsen. Worked in various other fields including ethylene oligomerization, olefin telomerization, oxidative and reductive carbonylation, hydroformylation and fine chemical opportunities. Catalyst expert on a major plant audit that resulted in significant debottlenecking and capacity increase.

Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry
University of the West Indies
Educational Institution; Higher Education
September 1974 - December 1975

Taught Freshman through Senior Classes in Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry


University of Chicago
1973 - 1974

Activities and Societies: NATO Post-doctoral Fellowship with Prof. Jack Halpern

University of Bristol
Organometallic Chemistry
1970 - 1973

Professors F.G.A. Stone and M.I. Bruce

University of Bristol
1967 - 1970

First Class Honours

Letchworth Grammar School
1960 - 1967

Patents (63)

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System and process for producing biodiesel
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